Importing the initial gallery

Trends contains an initial gallery of boards, panels, and sources. Use the gallery to explore how you can use a variety of types of Tanium questions to identify trends in inventory, operational hygiene, and endpoint security posture.

Before you begin

If the Initial Content, Managed Applications content packs, or Taniumâ„¢ Patch are not present when you import the gallery, the corresponding sources, boards, and panels are not created.

Import the gallery

When you import the gallery, you can select which boards and panels to import. Trends creates those boards along with any corresponding sources, panels, and sections. You can re-import the gallery at any time. If any boards or panels already exist in your Trends workbench, Trends does not overwrite them.

  1. From the Trends menu, click Boards.
  2. Click Import and select Gallery.
  3. Select the boards, sections, and panels to import.
    • If you select a panel, the parent section and board are automatically selected.
    • If you select a section, the parent board is automatically selected.
  4. Click Preview.
  5. Verify the boards, sections, and panels are correct and click Import.

Any saved questions used by imported panels are issued immediately. Within a few seconds, Trends begins to collect initial results and display data in the boards and panels. After the initial data appears, explore the boards and panels to discover what you can do with Trends. You can make modifications to titles, text descriptions, dates, and clone a board if you want to create a similar board.

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