TaniumTM Core Platform Servers

Install and upgrade the Tanium Server, Tanium Module Server, and Tanium Zone Server.

TaniumTM Client

Deploy the Tanium Client to your endpoints.

TaniumTM Core Platform

Ask questions, review results, deploy actions, and administer your endpoints.

TaniumTM Asset

Get a complete view of your enterprise inventory by aggregating live asset data with recent data from offline assets.

TaniumTM Comply

Identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to reduce attack surface and improve security posture.

TaniumTM Connect

Enrich third-party security and management tools with accurate and complete endpoint data.

TaniumTM Deploy

Install, update, or remove software on a flexible set of targets.

TaniumTM Detect

Aggregate actionable and efficient threat detection from multiple sources to automatically detect indicators of compromise.

TaniumTM Discover

Find, report on, and take action against unmanaged endpoints.

TaniumTM Incident Response

Accelerate incident response cycle time by using a collection of sensors and actions to hunt, contain, and remediate threats and vulnerabilities across every endpoint.

TaniumTM Integrity Monitor

Record changes to your critical files and receive alerts when changes are detected.

TaniumTM Map

Generate application and endpoint maps to gain visibility and resiliency in your environment.

TaniumTM Patch

Minimize critical security vulnerabilities by automating patch delivery.

TaniumTM Performance

Monitor, investigate, and remediate endpoint performance issues.

TaniumTM Protect

Enforce security policies to harden your environment and prevent unwanted activity.

TaniumTM Reveal

Identify sensitive data on endpoints to assist in regulatory compliance, information security, and data privacy.

TaniumTM Threat Response

Detect, react, and recover quickly from attacks and the resulting business disruptions.

TaniumTM Trace

Conduct direct investigation of key forensic and security events on endpoints across the network.

TaniumTM Trends

Gain visibility into operational health by creating charts that show historical and current data from endpoints.


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