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Tanium Core Platform

With the Tanium Core Platform, you can collect information from and deploy actions on all the endpoints in your environment. Install and configure the component servers, the Tanium Console, Tanium Client, Tanium Interactâ„¢, Tanium Authoring, and Tanium Connectâ„¢. Then ask questions, consume data, deploy actions, and administer your endpoints.

Tanium InteractTM

Perform basic functions such as asking questions, consuming data, and deploying actions across your enterprise.

Tanium ComplyTM

Support continuous compliance goals by proactively performing security checks on operating systems, password permissions, files, and more.

Tanium ConnectTM

Integrate Tanium with a SIEM, log analytics tools, threat feeds, or send email notifications.

Tanium DiscoverTM

Find and maintain an inventory of assets in your environment.

Tanium IOC DetectTM

Aggregate actionable and efficient threat detection from multiple sources to automatically detect indicators of compromise.

Tanium Incident ResponseTM

Accelerate incident response cycle time by using a collection of sensors and actions to hunt, contain and remediate threats and vulnerabilities across every endpoint.

Tanium Integrity MonitorTM

Simplify regulatory compliance and make file integrity monitoring more effective enterprise-wide by consolidating tools, while taking full advantage of the benefits of the Tanium platform.

Tanium PatchTM

Define custom workflows and schedule patches based on advanced rules or exceptions built around whitelists, blacklists, dynamic groups, and patch lists.

Tanium ProtectTM

Keep your network safe from malicious attacks on endpoints using native operating system and third-party controls.

Tanium TraceTM

Conduct direct investigation of key forensic and security events on endpoints across the network.

Tanium TrendsTM

Visualize, understand, and communicate the true state of your organization's security and operations health.