Search tips

  • Search is not case-sensitive. For example, a search for the string Administrator returns matches for Administrator and administrator.
  • Results include matches with variant endings. For example, a search for the string admin returns matches for admin, administrator, and administration.
  • You can use the following Boolean operators to combine search terms:
    • AND

      The Boolean AND is implied when multiple terms are entered. For example, user role returns a results list of pages that contain the string user and the string role.

      Use quotes to search for an exact phrase instead. For example, "user role" returns a list of pages that contain the exact expression user role.

    • OR

      The Boolean OR returns hits for pages that contain either term. For example, "user role" or "role requirements" returns pages that contain either of those phrases.

    • NOT

      The Boolean NOT operator returns hits for pages that contain one term but do not contain the term that follows the operator. For example, role not requirements returns pages that contain role but not requirements.

    • ( )

      You can use parentheses to construct compound Boolean expressions. For example, admin AND (requirements or role) returns pages that contain both admin and requirements or admin and role.

  • In the results list, matching strings are shown in bold. When you follow a results link to a topic, matching strings are highlighted.
  • Regular expressions, wildcards such as asterisks (*), and special characters such as percent signs (%) and ampersands (&) are not supported.