Provision overview

Provision provides bare-metal provisioning of Microsoft Windows or Linux to on-premises and internet-connected devices. It also enables re-imaging outdated or broken devices.

OS bundles

An OS bundle includes all of the files and settings that an operating system deployment requires. You can create an OS bundle for each Windows or Linux version, or for unique configurations that you can use for location, hardware, or business processes.

For more information, see Preparing OS bundle content.

OS refresh deployments

An OS refresh deployment is used to refresh an existing system with a selected OS bundle.

For more information, see Refresh an existing operating system.

PXE endpoints

A Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) endpoint is an endpoint that runs a service to provide required content for clients. The TaniumPXE service provides the PXE endpoint capabilities. You can boot devices from a PXE network or from USB media.

For more information, see Deploy the Tanium PXE service.

Offline domain join

If you want newly-deployed Windows endpoints to join an Active Directory (AD) domain, you can use Tanium Provision to set up an offline domain join (ODJ) process. Provision uses ODJ functionality to join newly-deployed Windows endpoints to AD.

For more information, see Setting up offline domain join.

Interoperability with other Tanium products

Provision works with Tanium™ Direct Connect to provide additional features.

Direct Connect

You can use Provision to deploy the Tanium PXE service on Windows, Windows Server, macOS, or Linux satellites and optionally use Windows satellites to set up ODJ for provisioning endpoints. Provision also includes a direct link to create satellites in Direct Connect from the Create Provision Endpoint process. For more information, see Tanium Direct Connect User Guide.