Selecting Protect computer groups

Protect shows computer groups you define in the Administration section of Tanium Console. See Tanium Platform User Guide: Managing Computer Groups.

By clicking Computer Groups in the Protect menu, you can view all Enforced Computer Groups and Unenforced Computer Groups. Within these categories, you can view online assets in the following states:

  • Online Enforced Assets
  • Online Partially Enforced Assets
  • Online Unenforced Assets

You can also click Create Policy from the Computer Groups page to create a policy and associated rules. Clicking Manage Computer Groups takes you to Administration in the Tanium Console.

You can expand a computer group by clicking the next to the computer group and see the polices that it is enforced with, the percentage of enforced and unenforced assets, which user enforced the policies, and when the user enforced them.

Once expanded, if you click Interact next to any enforcement state, you are taken to the Tanium Interactâ„¢ module and you can see the computers in each state.

You can also add enforcements to a specific computer group from the Computer Groups page.

To add an enforcement

  1. Click Add Enforcement next to the desired computer group.
  2. Select the desired policy from the Policy Name drop-down menu under New Enforcement.
  3. The computer group you selected is shown in the Computer Group field under Targeting Criteria. Click Enforce to enforce the selected policy on this computer group.