Working with the Interact Content page

The Interact Content page lists the Categories, Dashboards, and Saved Questions that you import from Tanium content packs and Tanium solutions, as well as ones that you and other users create, provided you have the applicable content set permissions.

About the Interact Content page panels

The Interact Content page has three panels: Categories, Dashboards, and Saved Questions.

Figure  1:  Interact Content page


An organized group of dashboards. A category is like an umbrella term for the types of questions you have on file, such as Tanium Administration, Security, Inventory, and Operations.


An organized group of saved questions. A dashboard includes all of the saved questions related to the issue you want to investigate. On the Interact Content page, when you click the name of a dashboard, the Tanium Server issues all of the questions to Tanium Clients, and the Tanium Console displays the Question Results grid for each of them.

Saved question

A configuration object that contains question syntax and settings. On the Interact Content page, when you click the name of a saved question, the Tanium Server issues the question to Tanium Clients, and the Tanium Console displays the Question Results grid. You can also configure saved questions to be reissued in the background according to a schedule.

Display the Interact Content page

  1. From the Main Menu, select Interact. The Interact Home page opens by default.
  2. From the Interact menu, select Interact Content.

Filter the Interact Content page

As your team uses the Tanium system more and more, the number of saved questions increases. You can apply panel card filters and text search filters to help you find specific questions.

Panel card filters

Click panel cards to filter the page so that only items belonging to the selected categories or dashboards appear. A card turns gray with a red left edge to indicate you selected it as a filter. You can apply multiple filters. Click Deselect in a panel header to clear all its filters.

Figure  2:  Interact Content page filters

Text filters

You can use text filters to search for items that match the specified string. Click the x in the text search box to clear the filter.

Figure  3:  Text filters

Use favorites

A favorite is an item that you want to appear on the Interact Home page and Interact Content page after setting the Show only filter to Favorites. The Tanium Server saves favorites as a user-specific setting; your favorites selections do not apply to other users.

Select or deselect an item as a favorite

Toggle the Favorites icon / beside the name of a category, dashboard, or saved question to select or deselect it as a favorite item. The icon is colored when the item is a favorite.

To reduce clicks, click Favorite All or Unfavorite All in a panel header and then toggle on or off individual items.

Display only favorites

On the Interact Content page, toggle the Show only filter by clicking Favorites. The button changes to a dark background to indicate that the Categories, Dashboards, and Saved Questions panels display only favorites. After you find and select your favorite Categories or Dashboards, you might want to toggle off the Favorites filter so that the Saved Questions panel displays both favorite and non-favorite questions.

Figure  4:  Favorites filter

Select current or recent results

When you issue a saved question from the Interact Content page, the Tanium Console displays the Saved Question Results grid. In addition to all of the features of the results grid for dynamic questions, the results grid for saved questions includes a Zoom option: Current or Recent. Current data includes responses from endpoints that are currently online. Recent data might include responses from offline endpoints. The Tanium Server caches Tanium Client responses for seven days by default. If an endpoint is offline when the Tanium Server issues a question, but it has a cached value for the endpoint, the Tanium Server can pass that value to the results grid.

Open a dashboard

When you open a dashboard from the Interact Content page, the Tanium Console displays the dashboard results page, which includes the results grid for each saved question included in the dashboard.

Figure  5:  Dashboard results page

The dashboard results page has all the features that are available in the Saved Question Results page for each question, such as the Deploy Action button and Zoom options (see Using the Question Results grid). The dashboard results page also has the following features, which correspond to the numbers in Figure  5:

  1. Use the dashboards drop-down list to issue a different dashboard.
  2. Use the Filter All Questions Displayed drop-down list to filter all the results grids by computer group.
  3. The page displays the dashboard name, favorite status ( for favorite, for non-favorite), and number of saved questions.
  4. Toggle all the results grids on the page between one or two columns.
  5. The page displays the question name and runtime indicator icon (see Managing question and sensor thresholds) above each results grid. The drop-down list provides options to show the question syntax, copy the question to the Question Bar, or copy the question to the Question Builder. You can click the question name to reissue the question. If you want to change the question settings, click Edit (see Edit a saved question).
  6. Expand (to full-page width) or contract (to half-page width) a particular results grid. The Tanium Server saves this setting for each dashboard on a per-user basis. For example, if you contract the Monitor Details grid in the Hardware Inventory dashboard, the Tanium Console displays that grid contracted the next time you issue that dashboard.
  7. Select one or more display options: grid (default), pie chart, bar chart, and question text.
  8. Apply additional filters for each results grid. If you set Filter All Questions Displayed to Filter by Computer Group and also select Filter by Computer Group in the filter for a particular results grid, the Tanium Console uses a boolean AND to combine the filters for that grid.

Manage configurations

The procedures for managing the category, dashboard, and saved question configurations are alike, but there are differences.

Create a category configuration

  1. Click Settings in the panel heading and select New Category.
  2. Specify a category Name, Content Set, and Visibility option, and then click Save.

Create a dashboard configuration

  1. Click Settings in the panel heading and select New Dashboard.
  2. Specify a dashboard Name, Computer Group Filter, Content Set, and Visibility option, and then click Save.

A new dashboard is added to the Other Dashboards category by default. This category is visible only to users with the Administrator or Content Administrator role. Consequently, the dashboard is also visible only to the creator and users with the Administrator or Content Administrator role. If you do not have one of these roles, and you want the dashboard you have created to be visible to other users who do not have the Administrator or Content Administrator role but do have appropriate RBAC permissions, ask a user with the required privileges to move the dashboard to another category.

Create saved questions

You cannot create saved questions from the Interact Content pages. You can create them from the Question bar after you issue an ad hoc question. See Saving questions.

Assign dashboards to a category

  1. Clear any filters.
  2. Mouse over the category, click Edit and select Add/Remove Dashboards.
  3. In the Dashboards panel, select the dashboards to include in this category and click Apply.

Assign saved questions to a dashboard

  1. Clear any filters.
  2. Click a dashboard to select it. Select only one.
  3. Click Edit and select Add/Remove Saved Questions.
  4. In the Saved Questions panel, select the saved questions to include in this dashboard and click Apply.

Edit category, dashboard, and saved question settings

  1. Mouse over the panel card to show its tools.
  2. Click the edit icon and select Edit Category Information, Edit Dashboard Information, or Edit Properties (questions).
  3. Edit the settings.
  4. Save the configuration.

Delete a category or dashboard configuration

  1. Mouse over the panel card and click Delete .
  2. Confirm that you want to delete the configuration.

You cannot delete a saved question configuration from the Interact Content page, only from the Content > Saved Questions page.

Export a configuration

  1. Click Settings in the panel heading and select Export Categories, Export Dashboards, or Export Questions.
  2. Select items to export or click Select all.
  3. Click Export.
  4. Specify a filename and click OK.

The XML file is saved to the local host computer.

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