The logs for Tanium Core Platform servers do not apply in a Tanium as a Service deployment.

Tanium as a Service is a self-monitored service, designed to detect failures before the failures surface to users. For more information, see Tanium as a Service Deployment Guide: Troubleshooting Tanium as a Service.

You can use Tanium Core Platform logs to diagnose issues and unexpected behavior. The logging level determines how much detail Tanium Core Platform servers record in the logs. The following logging levels are best practices for specific use cases:

  • 0: Logging disabled.
  • 1 (default): Normal log level.
  • 41: Best practice value during troubleshooting.
  • 91 or higher: Most detailed log level. Enable for short periods of time only.

To change the logging level through the Tanium Console for the Tanium Server and Tanium Module Server, see Tanium Console User Guide: Configure server logging levels. You can also change the logging level for platform servers by configuring the LogVerbosityLevel settings (see Tanium Core Platform server settings) through the CLI on Windows or through the TanOS menus on the Tanium Appliance.

For information about Tanium Client logs, see Tanium Client User Guide: Troubleshooting.