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This guide describes how to use Tanium™ Interact. Interact is the user interface for asking questions and reviewing results.

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Interact is installed automatically during the Tanium™ Server installation. Although it is licensed as part of the core platform, Interact is a Tanium™ solution module, so it can be updated separately from the Tanium™ Console and the Tanium Server.

You use Interact to:

  • Ask dynamic questions

    A question is a message sent to Tanium™ Clients requesting real-time data from its sensors. Aggregate counts are reported in the results grid.

  • Examine results and take action

    From the results grid, you can drill down to target specific computers and use the deploy action workflow to schedule actions to be executed on the Tanium Client host computer.

  • Use the saved questions collection and create new ones

    A saved question is a configuration object that contains question syntax and question settings. In the Tanium™ Console, when you click a saved question, the question is issued to Tanium Clients. Saving the question syntax as a configuration object enables it to be reissued later. The configuration object can also be used throughout the platform, both by Tanium™ solution modules and by user-developed applications that use the SOAP API. For example, you can use Tanium™ Connect to configure a saved question to be run on a schedule with results sent to an external server.

  • Review and manage dashboards

    A dashboard is an organized group of saved questions. You can manage the set of saved questions contained in the group and apply computer group filters to the group.

  • Review and manage categories

    A category is an organized group of dashboards. You can manage the set of dashboards contained in the group and apply user group permissions to view the category object.

An essential set of saved questions, dashboards, and categories is created when the Initial Content packs are imported during the Tanium™ Server installation. Additional saved questions, dashboards, and categories are created when you import additional Tanium content packs and Tanium solution modules.

When you get started with Interact, review the Initial Content so that you are aware of the configuration objects that are already available to you. Reviewing the Initial Content can also help you become familiar with the kinds of questions that can be asked, as well as ways of grouping them that can facilitate reporting and administration tasks. Once you understand how these configuration objects can be used, you will be better prepared to create your own when necessary.

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