Upgrading Integrity Monitor

Tanium Cloud automatically handles module installations and upgrades.

For the steps to upgrade Integrity Monitor, see Tanium Console User Guide: Import, re-import, or update specific solutions. After the upgrade, verify that the correct version is installed (see Verify Integrity Monitor version).

Read the release notes for a particular version before you upgrade Integrity Monitor.

Perform some basic tests in Integrity Monitor before and after the upgrade to ensure that all operations are working as expected.

Redeploy monitors

After you upgrade Integrity Monitor, all monitors and rules must be redeployed. In Integrity Monitor 2.6 and later, the default configuration automatically redeploys monitors and rules after an upgrade, or if the automatic deployment setting is not configured, you can manually redeploy monitors and rules. For more information about manually deploying monitors, see Deploy monitors.

If you do not redeploy the monitors and rules, the system might be left in a nonworking state.

Configure automatic redeployment of monitors

  1. From the Integrity Monitor Overview page, click Settings .
  2. Click the General Settings tab.
  3. In the Automatic Deployment on Upgrade section, select Automatically deploy monitors and rules when upgrading the module.

If you upgrade from a version earlier than 2.6, this setting is not enabled by default.

Upgrading to Integrity Monitor 2.4 and later

Integrity Monitor 2.4 and later includes the capability to use labels that are stored on endpoints, known as enhanced labeling. (For more information, see Basic labeling and enhanced labeling.) To support this functionality, when you upgrade to Integrity 2.4 or later, all existing labels become global labels. Any user-defined custom labels that are currently assigned to specific monitors are migrated to a matching global label. Any custom labels that have conflicting names are merged into a single global label.

After upgrading, you can update individual monitors from basic to enhanced. For information about performing this update, see Update basic monitors to enhanced monitors.

Verify Integrity Monitor version

After you import or upgrade Integrity Monitor, verify that the correct version is installed:

  1. Refresh your browser.
  2. From the Main menu, go to Modules > Integrity Monitor to open the Integrity Monitor Overview page.
  3. To display version information, click Info Info.