Understand the administrative realm of your enterprise by visualizing and contextualizing access rights to reduce the attack surface.

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  • Succeeding with Impact

    Optimize planning, installing, and analyzing the potential impact for endpoints, users, and groups

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  • Overview

    Understand terminology and how Impact integrates with other Tanium solutions

  • Requirements

    Review the system requirements for clients and servers, required configurations, and user role configurations

Analyzing the potential impact of an endpoint, user, or group
  • Working with Highest Impact tables

    Use the Highest Impact tables to determine the endpoints, users, and groups that have the highest potential impact if compromised, based on the impact rating

  • Analyzing the potential impact for an asset

    Analyze rights, dependencies, and relationships; visualize potential lateral movement and identify endpoints, users, and groups with a high impact rating

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  • Release notesRelease notes

    Get a list of changes for each Impact release

  • Video tutorials

    Watch this tutorial about how to use Impact

  • Community

    Read articles written by Tanium subject-matter experts on best practices

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    Learn how Impact helps businesses guard against lateral movement in cyberattacks