Configuring Feed

Set up Feed users

You can use the following set of predefined user roles to set up Feed users.

To review specific permissions for each role, see User role requirements.

On installation, Feed creates a Feed user to automatically manage the Feed service account. Do not edit or delete the Feed user.

For more information about assigning user roles, see Tanium Core Platform User Guide: Manage role assignments for a user.

Feed User

Assign the Feed User role to users who need to read and manage Feed notifications in their assigned content sets. Users with the Interact Show permission do not need this role to view and manage notifications in Feed; assign the Feed User role to only those users who do not have the Interact Show permission.

Feed Operator

Assign the Feed Operator role to users who manage notifications in any content set. This includes notifications for all licensed solutions.

Do not assign the Feed Service Account and Feed Service Account - All Content Sets roles to users. These roles are for internal purposes only.