Troubleshooting End-User Notifications

To collect and send information to Tanium for troubleshooting, collect logs and other relevant information.

Review troubleshooting tasks for common problems.

Collect logs

The information is saved as a ZIP file that you can download with your browser.

  1. From the End-User Notifications Home page, click Help , then the Support tab.
  2. Click Collect.
  3. When Status indicates that the package is collected, click Download.
  4. Contact Tanium Support to determine the best option to send the ZIP file. For more information, see Contact Tanium Support.

End-User Notifications maintains logging information in the log file in the \Program Files\Tanium\Tanium Module Server\services\end-user-notifications-files\logs directory.

Problem: End user notifications are not displayed

If end user notifications are not being displayed on the endpoints:

  1. Verify that the Tanium End-User Notifications solution is installed. For more information, see Installing End-User Notifications.
  2. Verify that endpoints have the end user notification tools by asking the question End-User Notifications - Has Tools.
  3. Verify that required security exclusions for End-User Notifications are configured in any security software. For more information, see Security exclusions. For assistance in ensuring exclusions have taken effect, Contact Tanium Support.

Uninstall End-User Notifications

  1. From the Main menu, go to Administration > Configuration > Solutions.
  2. In the Content section, select the End-User Notifications row.
  3. Click Delete Selected and then click Uninstall to complete the process.

Contact Tanium Support

To contact Tanium Support for help, sign in to