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End-User Notifications overview

End-User Notifications is used by Tanium™ Deploy and Tanium™ Patch to notify users about deployments. It is also used by Deploy to configure End-User Self Service capabilities.

End-User Notifications

When you use End-User Notifications with other solutions such as Deploy and Patch, you can create a notification message with your deployment to notify the user that the system is about to begin a deployment, has completed a deployment, and if postponements are enabled, to give the user the option to postpone the deployment or restart now.

For more information, see Tanium Deploy User Guide: Endpoint restarts and Tanium Patch User Guide: Endpoint restarts.

End-User Self Service

When you use End-User Notifications with Deploy 1.2 or later, you can configure the Self Service application for endpoints. With the Self Service application, you can publish software to endpoints so that users can install software on their own without the need for IT to install them. For more information, see Customizing the end-user interface and Tanium Deploy User Guide: Using the Self Service application.