Reviewing active endpoint sessions

Use Direct Connect to gain visibility into all the connections between endpoints and the Module ServerTanium as a Service. The Active Connections section on the Direct Connect Home page displays all current Direct Connect sessions across Tanium modules.

The grid displays these details for each active session:

  • Host Name: Endpoint computer name.
  • Tanium Client ID: Endpoint ID that is used for the connection.
  • IP Address: Endpoint IP Address.
  • Proxy: Name of the proxy server, if applicable.
  • Action Status: Current status of the Open Session action. Possible values are Creating, Downloading, Running, Error, Succeeded, Not Succeeded, Complete, or Closed.
  • Session Status: Current status of the session.
  • Duration: Time passed since the connection was first established from the endpoint.
  • Last Message: Time passed since the last message was received from the endpoint.