Reviewing active endpoint sessions

Use Direct Connect to gain visibility into all the connections between endpoints and the Tanium Module Server. The connections that Direct Connect displays are created by Tanium Modules that use direct connection capabilities.

  1. From the Direct Connect menu, select Active Endpoint Sessions. All current sessions across Tanium modules display in the results grid.
  2. The results grid displays these details for each active session:
    • Host Name: Endpoint computer name.
    • Tanium Client ID: Endpoint ID that is used for the connection.
    • IP Address: Endpoint IP Address.
    • Action Status: Current status of the Open Session action. Possible values are Creating, Downloading, Running, Error, Succeeded, Not Succeeded, Complete, or Closed.
    • Session Status: Current status of the session.
    • Duration: Time passed since the connection was first established from the endpoint.
    • Last Message: Time passed since the last message was received from the endpoint.