Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • An AWS account.
  • AWS Direct Connect or AWS jumpboxes (a Linux host to use for file copying and a Windows host for accessing the Tanium Console from a web browser).
  • The Tanium component servers run CentOS, so you must accept the Amazon marketplace terms and conditions for CentOS. See AWS Marketplace: CentOS. It can take up to two hours for the transaction verification to be completed.
  • The virtual private cloud (VPC) subnet must have outbound internet access. Most often, you enable outbound internet access by adding a NAT gateway and setting the route table for your private subnet to send traffic to it. For details, see Amazon Virtual Private Cloud User Guide: NAT Gateways.
  • DNS support for the Private DNS entries that are generated for the EC2 instance. AWS-managed DNS supports Private DNS automatically. If the VPC is configured to use external DNS, you might need to add the entry to the local /etc/hosts file or to the external DNS server.

  • A download URL for the Tanium installation RPM file. Contact your Tanium technical account manager (TAM).
  • A Tanium license.

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