The Tanium™ Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution can be deployed in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtual private cloud (VPC) environment. The cloud templates provided by Tanium optimize the VPC resources allocated for the target deployment size you specify, and they enforce best practices for Tanium server deployments. In particular:

  • Tanium Core Platform components are deployed into multiple AWS Availability Zones to ensure availability in the event of underlying hardware resources failures.
  • The connections between Tanium Core Platform server components use transport layer security (TLS).
  • Network security rules restrict access to only the application port and user access required for the Tanium deployment.
  • All provisioned disks that store Tanium data are encrypted by default using cloud native options.
  • Server hardening targeted to CIS Level 1 Server standards.

The following figure shows a typical Tanium IaaS deployment in AWS.

Figure  1:  Amazon VPC with redundant Availability Zones

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