Deploying the Tanium Client

Download installation packages for the Tanium Client from Client Management and install the client on endpoints.

Deploy the Tanium Client using Client Management, or obtain installation packages and install the client on endpoints using an alternative method.

If you use an operating system (OS) image to deploy an OS to new endpoints, you can install the Tanium Client on the template image (as described in this section) and perform additional steps to prepare the Tanium Client for deployment through the image. For the procedures to prepare OS images that include the Tanium Client, see Preparing the Tanium Client on OS images.

Download installation packages for the Tanium Client

Download Tanium Client installation packages for each operating system from the Tanium Client Management Home page:

  1. From the Main menu, go to Administration > Shared Services > Client Management.

  2. Click Download Windows Package, Download macOS Package, or Download Linux Package.

To obtain the installers for Solaris or AIX, contact Tanium Support.

Deploy the Tanium Client using Client Management

Use Client Management to deploy the Tanium Client to any number of endpoints in a single operation. To begin, plan and prepare the set of targeted endpoints, create sets of client settings to define the configuration of the deployed client, and create credentials to define the information that is needed to log into the endpoints to perform the installations. Then, use these configurations to create a deployment that targets a specific set of endpoints.

When you use Client Management to deploy the Tanium Client to endpoints, Client Management also installs Client Management tools on the endpoints to provide client health information. For more information, see Monitoring client health in the Client Management service.

Deploy the Tanium Client using alternative methods

If you are deploying the Tanium Client to endpoints that cannot be reached directly from the Tanium Module Server, such as those connected to a Zone Server, or if your organization has a preferred standard software package deployment tool, you can use the following methods to deploy the Tanium Client. For Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints, you can use Client Management to create client settings and then download an installation bundle for use in alternative deployment. For the procedure, see Configure client settings.

Verify the Tanium Client installation

Wait a few minutes after installation for the Tanium Client to register with TaaS the Tanium Server or Zone Server.

After you deploy the Tanium Client, perform the following steps to verify that the client installed correctly and can communicate with TaaS the Tanium Server or Zone Server.

  1. From Interact, ask a question to verify that the endpoints respond to the following query: Get Computer Name and Operating System and Tanium Client Version and Tanium Server Name from all machines
  2. Review the Question Results grid to verify that all endpoints where you deployed Tanium Client software are reporting.
  3. (Optional) From the main menu, go to Administration > Management > Client Status, and review recent client registration details.

    To find a specific Tanium Client, enter a text string in the Filter items field above the grid to filter it by Host Name or Network Location (IP address).