Getting started

Step 1: Prepare your environment

Install and configure the Tanium Physical Appliance

If you have one or more Tanium™ Physical Appliances, install the appliances into a machine room and configure bootstrap network settings.

For details, see the Tanium Appliance Data Center Guide.

Set up the environment for a Tanium Cloud Appliance

Configure your environment to host Tanium Cloud Appliances.

Deploy Tanium Server and Tanium Module Server Cloud Appliances into your private subnets and the Tanium Zone Server Cloud Appliances into public subnets.

For redundancy, separate Tanium Server, Tanium Module Server, and Tanium Zone Server Cloud Appliances between two zones so that each zone contains each Appliance type.

Step 2: Complete the initial setup

Connect to the TanOS console to configure network settings and initial users.

Step 3: Set up an Appliance Array

Use the TanOS console to set up communication between the Appliances and install the components of the Tanium Core Platform from a single Appliance.

See Installing an Appliance Array.

Step 4: Verify the installation

Make sure the components of the Tanium Core Platform installed correctly and that Tanium Clients can report to the Tanium Server.

See Verifying the installation.