Maintaining Zero Trust

Perform monthly maintenance tasks to ensure that Zero Trust successfully monitors events on all the targeted endpoints and does not overuse endpoint or network resources. If Zero Trust is not performing as expected, you might need to troubleshoot issues or change settings. See Troubleshooting Zero Trust for related procedures.

  1. Verify that the credentials for your Identity and Access Management (IAM) provider are valid. If you need to change credentials with Zero Trust, see Tanium Zero Trust User Guide: Configure seetings for your IAM provider.
  2. Review the audit logs to verify that Zero Trust is sending data to your provider. See Tanium Zero Trust User Guide: Review data sent to your IAM provider.
  3. Review existing rules for outdated, unused, or overlapping rules. Delete obsolete rules as necessary. See Tanium Zero Trust User Guide: Managing rules.
  4. Verify that any Connect jobs that send audit data are running and sending data. See Tanium Connect User Guide: Managing connections.