Getting started with Zero Trust

Follow these steps to configure and use Zero Trust.

Step 1: Install and configure Configure Zero Trust and your IAM provider

Install Zero Trust, and then configure Zero Trust and your IAM provider. See Installing Zero Trust and Configuring Zero Trust.

Configure Zero Trust and your IAM provider. See Configuring Zero Trust.

Step 2: Grant Zero Trust permissions

Grant permissions to users to use Zero Trust. Uses with the AdministratorAdmin reserved role have access by default. See User role requirements and Set up Zero Trust users.

Step 3: (Optional) Register sensors for collection in Tanium Data Service

When you configure targeting for a rule, Zero Trust uses sensor data that Tanium Data Service collects. To see which sensors are registered and to register additional sensors, see Tanium Interact User Guide: Managing Tanium Data Service.

Step 4: Create a rule for testing

Create a rule in audit mode for testing. See Create a rule.

Step 5: Test and monitor the rule

Trigger an event that runs the rule, and then monitor the audit log to verify the entry appears as expected. See View audit log.

Step 6: Create rules in enforcement mode

Create one or more rules in enforcement mode, and then monitor the audit log to ensure the rules trigger as expected. See Create a rule and View audit log.