Upgrading Trends

Tanium Cloud automatically handles module installations and upgrades.

If you installed a previous version of Trends, make sure to complete all required upgrade activities.

Before you begin

In Trends 3.9, the steps required to configure the service account are no longer necessary due to the adoption of the System User Service, which performs these tasks automatically. Additionally, the Trends database is migrated to RDB in this release. Consequently, after upgrading to Trends 3.9, it might take time for the database migration to complete and for RBAC privileges and other updates to sync properly. This could lead to issues and error messages when you first query the Tanium Console. These issues should resolve on their own after a few minutes, but could take up to an hour or longer depending on system resources and the amount of data to migrate.

In Trends 3.x and later, all boards, sources, and saved questions must be assigned to a content set. When you upgrade from a Trends 2.x installation, any existing boards and saved question sources are assigned to the predefined Trends content set. All users with predefined Trends roles have access to the Trends content set. Any custom roles created prior to upgrading to Trends 3.x also retain their previous Trends permissions to the Trends content set.

Upgrade Trends

For the steps to upgrade Trends, see Tanium Console User Guide: Manage Tanium solutions.

What to do next