Upgrading Tanium Trends

Before you begin

  • Consult with your TAM before you upgrade to Trends 2.x to understand the differences between Trends 1.x and Trends 2.x.
  • Make sure your Trends 1.x configuration does not contain errors. For more information, see Test Trends 1.x data for errors.
  • Trends 2.x does not support bucketing or number extraction. Any views that used those features in Trends 1.x are not preserved.

Test Trends 1.x data for errors

Before you upgrade from Trends 1.x, export your Trends configuration to ensure the boards and panels do not contain errors.

  1. From the Trends home page, click Settings .
  2. Under Export Boards and Panels, click Export.
  3. Do not select any boards or panels. If you select none, all are exported by default.
  4. Click Preview, and then click Export.

If any errors occur during the export, do not upgrade to Trends 2.x. Contact your TAM for assistance.

Upgrade Trends

  1. From the Main menu, click Tanium Solutions.
  2. In the Trends section, click Upgrade to Version.
  3. Verify the list of API requests and click Import.
  4. To confirm the upgrade, return to the Tanium Solutions page and check the installed version for Trends. If the new version is not displayed, try refreshing the Tanium Solutions page.

Delete Trends 1.x data if needed

When you upgrade to Trends 2.x, Trends 1.x data automatically migrates to Trends 2.x. After you upgrade and confirm that your Trends 1.x data migrated successfully, you can delete old, unused data and Trends 1.x files in the following directories:

  • <TMS>\services\trends-service
  • <TMS>\services\elasticsearch
  • <TMS>\services\jdk****

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