Review the requirements before you install and use Trends.

Tanium dependencies

Component Requirement
Platform 7.0.314.6085 or later

For role-based access control (RBAC), you must have Tanium Platform 7.1.314.3071 or later.

Tanium™ Client 6.0.314.1540 or later recommended
Tanium Content The Trends gallery uses sensors that are included in Tanium™ Patch, the Initial Content pack, and the Managed Applications content pack. If this content is not present when you import the gallery, the corresponding Trends sources, boards, panels, and sections are not created.
License Core platform entitlement. Contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM) if Trends does not appear on the Tanium™ Console solutions page.

Platform host computer resources

Trends installs and runs as a service on the Module Server. The impact on Module Server sizing is minimal and depends on usage. Consult with your TAM for details.

Host and network security requirements

This section lists requirements Trends may have in addition to those for the basic Tanium core platform components.


The following ports are required for Trends communication.

Component Port number Direction Service Purpose
Module server 17452 Inbound
node.exe Trends service
Module Server 17462 Inbound
postgres.exe Connecting to the PostgreSQL database where Trends stores data.

Host system security exclusions

If the Module Server is deployed in an environment that has security software to monitor and block unknown host system processes, your security administrator must create exclusions to allow the Tanium processes to run without interference.

Service Path
Trends Service <TMS>/services/twsm-v1/twsm.exe
PostgreSQL <TMS>/services/trends/psql/bin/postgres.exe

Tanium Console user role requirements

User role requirements vary according to platform version.

Tanium Server 7.0

In 7.0, Tanium Console system user roles grant the following privileges in Trends:

Table 1:   7.0 system roles
User Role Privileges
Administrator Install and uninstall Trends; import/export the gallery and board configuration files; view, create, modify, and delete sources; view, create, modify, and delete boards, panels, and sections; publish boards; view the recent results grid; create troubleshooting packages.
Content Administrator Same as Administrator except cannot install or uninstall Trends; cannot edit or delete sources; cannot view the recent results grid.
Action Approver, Action Author, Action User, Action/Sensor Author, Question Author, Sensor Author Import the gallery; view, create, modify, and delete boards, panels, and sections; publish boards.

Cannot create, modify, disable, or delete source configurations.

Cannot view the most recent results grid.

Can create troubleshooting packages.

On the Saved Questions page, these roles cannot view the saved question configurations created by others.

Read Only User Only view sources, boards, panels, and sections. Can preview changes to panel settings, but cannot save the panel view. Cannot view the recent results grid. Cannot publish boards. Can create troubleshooting packages.

Tanium Server 7.1

For Tanium Platform version 7.1.314.3071 or later, Trends introduces new RBAC permissions that control access to the Trends workbench. The six predefined roles are Trends Administrator, Trends Author, Trends Source Author, Trends Board Author, Trends Board Viewer, and Trends Read Only.

Table 2:   Tanium 7.1 Trends User Role Privileges
Privilege Trends Administrator Trends Author Trends Source Author Trends Board Author Trends Board Viewer

Show Trends*

Access to the Trends workbench (built-in)

Trends Publish

Generate and publish reports

Trends Board Read

View and list boards, sections, and panels

Trends Board Write

Create, edit, delete, and configure boards, sections, and panels

Trends View Recent Results†

View recent saved question results on the panel page

Trends Source Read

View and list sources

Trends Source Write‡

Create, edit, and delete sources

Trends Export‡

Export boards, panels, and sources

Trends Import‡

Import from file and from gallery

Does not grant access to create new or custom boards and sources

Trends Setting Write

Access to module-level settings for Trends

Trends Administrator

Administrative-level access to the Trends workbench

* To install Trends, you must have the reserved role of Administrator.

† Requires read sensor privilege for the content set that contains the sensor used by a source. To view recent results for all sources, you need access to all content sets that contain sensors used by sources.

‡ Requires content set privileges for the sensors that Trends uses.

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