Troubleshooting TaaS

Tanium as a Service is a self-monitored service, designed to detect failures before the failures surface to users.

View administration information

From the Cloud Management Portal Administration page, you can view Tanium instance details, entitlement details, and identity provider settings. You can delete or edit an existing setting, or add a new configuration. Warnings or errors are also displayed in the Administration page.

Troubleshoot issues authenticating to the Tanium Console

If you encounter issues connecting and authenticating to the Tanium Console, verify that the identity provider is configured correctly.

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Management Portal.
  2. Review the Identity Provider Settings section of the Administration page.
    1. Verify that there are no warnings or errors in the Status column of the identity provider.
    2. Click Edit to view and edit the settings.
    3. (Optional) If you want to automatically provision users from a domain, verify that the domain is listed and the Auto-Provision Users selection is set to Yes.
    4. Click Test Login to verify that the connection to the identity provider is successful.

For more troubleshooting information, see Tanium Console User Guide: Troubleshooting.

Troubleshoot Tanium solutions

If you notice issues with specific Tanium solutions, review the following links.

Contact Tanium Support

To contact Tanium Support for help, sign in to