Troubleshooting Reporting

Taniumâ„¢ Reporting is not yet available for on-premises installations of the Taniumâ„¢ Core Platform.

If Reporting is not performing as expected, you might need to troubleshoot issues.

Unable to view or select content

In environments that enable role-based access control (RBAC), users cannot access content to which they do not have permission. Sensors, sources, and reports are among those objects that are managed through RBAC. If you are unable to access sensors, sources, or reports in Reporting, make sure your user account has sufficient permission to the content sets to which those objects are assigned.

  • You must have read permission to the content set to view content in the content set. For example, if you do not have read permission to Patch sensors, you will not see Patch sensors as options when registering those sensors in the Tanium Data Service.
  • You must have write permission to a content set to add, edit, or delete content in the content set. For example, if you do not have the Report write permission to a content set, you cannot edit any reports that are assigned to that content set.
  • To view a report, you must have the Report read permission to the content set that contains the report.
  • If you cannot view the Reporting workbench, make sure your user role contains the Report API user permission.
  • Certain sensors, such as sensors that provide duplicate data, are intentionally unavailable in Reporting, even if you register the sensors in the Tanium Data Service. Expand the following section to view a list of sensors that are unavailable in Reporting.

ClosedUnavailable sensors in Reporting

  • Client Extensions - Installed Extensions
  • Compliance Rule Failures
  • Comply - Compliance Exposure Score
  • Comply - Compliance Results
  • Comply - NMap Scan Results
  • Comply - Oval Findings
  • Comply - Vulnerability Results
  • Computer Groups
  • Discover - Is Unmanageable
  • Discover Label
  • Discover Location
  • Discover Method
  • Discover Profile
  • Discover Satellite
  • Domain Member
  • EID Last Changed
  • Impact - Active User Session SIDs
  • Impact - Administrator SIDs
  • Impact - Computer Domain SID
  • Impact - Physical NetBIOS Computer Name
  • Is AIX
  • Is Linux
  • Is Mac
  • Is Solaris
  • Is Windows
  • Last Discovered
  • Map - Endpoint Health
  • Number of Fixed Drives
  • Online
  • Patch - Patch List Applicability
  • Unmanaged Assets
  • x64/x86?

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