Configuring Reporting

Set up Reporting users

You can use the following set of predefined user roles to set up Reporting users.

To review specific permissions for each role, see User role requirements.

On installation, Reporting creates a Reporting user to automatically manage the Reporting service account. Do not edit or delete the Reporting user.

For more information about assigning user roles, see Tanium Core Platform User Guide: Manage role assignments for a user.

Reporting Operator

Assign the Reporting Operator role to users who manage the configuration of Reporting.

Reporting User

Assign the Reporting User role to users who view and edit reports.

Do not assign the Reporting Service Account and Reporting Service Account - All Content Sets roles to users. These roles are for internal purposes only.

Register computer groups for collection

Reporting collects data only from endpoints in computer groups that you register with Reporting. Furthermore, only registered computer groups are available to use as dashboard filters. After you register computer groups, Reporting collects data from them in the next collection cycle (within 24 hours). If you deregister computer groups, Reporting stops collecting data from them.

For details on how Reporting collects data from computer groups for historical charts, see Data collection for historical charts.

Users require a role with the Reporting Groups configure permission to view the Data > Settings page and to register or deregister computer groups. You can register or deregister only the computer groups that are assigned to your user account or persona. To create, assign, or otherwise manage computer groups, see Tanium Console User Guide: Managing computer groups.

Reporting registers certain computer groups by default: Closedpregistered computer groups

  • All Computers
  • All Linux
  • All Mac
  • All Servers
  • All Windows
  • All Windows Servers
  • All Windows Workstations
  • All Workstations

Perform the following steps to register or deregister computer groups:

  1. From the Main menu, go to Data > Settings.
  2. From the Configuration tab, click Select Computer Groups.
  3. Select computer groups to register or clear the check boxes of computer groups to deregister, and then click Save. You can register up to 100 computer groups.
    If the list of computer groups is long, use the Filter by Name field to find specific computer groups.

    You cannot select the reserved No Computer computer group. To hide it from the list, set the Show toggle to Available.