Installing Provision

Tanium Cloud automatically handles module installations and upgrades.

For information about configuring Provision for Tanium Cloud, see Configuring Provision.

Before you begin

  • Contact Tanium Support to request the Tanium Provision XML file to install Provision. For more information about how to install a solution with an XML file, see Tanium Console User Guide: Import content files.
  • Read the release notes.
  • Review the Provision requirements.
  • Assign the correct roles to users for Provision. Review the User role requirements.
    • To import the Provision solution, you must be assigned the Administrator reserved role or a role that has the Import Signed Content permission.
    • To configure the Provision action group, you must be assigned the Administrator reserved role, Content Administrator reserved role, or a role that has the Action Group write permission.

Manage solution dependencies

When you start the Provision workbench for the first time, the Tanium Server checks whether all the Tanium modules and shared services (solutions) that are required for Provision are installed at the required versions. The Provision workbench cannot load unless all required dependencies are installed. If you selected Tanium Recommended Installation when you imported Provision, the Tanium Server automatically imported all your licensed solutions at the same time. Otherwise, if you manually imported Provision and did not import all its dependencies, the Tanium Console displays a banner that lists the dependencies and the required versions. See Solution dependencies.

Perform the following steps if a banner indicates any Provision dependencies are not installed:

  1. Install the dependencies as described in Tanium Console User Guide: Import, re-import, or update specific solutions.
  2. From the Main menu, go to Modules > Provision to open the Provision Overview page and verify that the Console no longer displays a banner to list missing dependencies.

Verify Provision version

After you import or upgrade Provision, verify that the correct version is installed:

  1. Refresh your browser.
  2. From the Main menu, go to Modules > Provision to open the Provision Overview page.
  3. To display version information, click Info Info.