1. From the Reveal menu, click Rules.
  2. Under Results, select the checkbox next to an endpoint that has one or more files that match patterns. Click Connect.
  3. After the connection establishes, click the computer name.
  4. Select a file that contains one or more pattern matches.
  5. View the snippets that show where a pattern matches. Confirmed and unverified snippets are shown by default. To limit which results display, click Filter Results to view or hide unverified, confirmed, rejected, and excluded snippets.

    Excluded snippets are unverified snippets that do not match patterns exactly. This includes matches to pattern groups outside the proximity range. You can confirm or reject an excluded snippet.

  6. For each snippet, highlight the relevant text. Validations are tracked relative to the beginning of the match.
  7. Select Confirm or Reject. Rejected snippets are filtered from future results.

    Keyboard shortcuts include (c) for Confirm and (r) for Reject. If you do not want to add a name and description for the validation, press (cc) for Confirm and Save, or (rr) for Reject and Save; these two shortcuts skip the next two steps.

  8. Provide a name and description for the validation. Reveal displays a preview of the text you have validated and reports the number of pattern matches that the validation affects in the current file, the rule that the validation affects, and whether matching patterns should be confirmed or rejected.
  9. Click Save.