1. From the Reveal menu, click Rules. Click Create Rule.
  2. Enter a name and description for the rule.
  3. Select one or more rule sets to contain the rule. Click Add Rule Sets and select the rule sets you want to associate with the rule. Click Assign.
  4. [Optional] Add filters to limit the files to target. Under Rule Filters, click Add Filter and select the criteria that you want the rule to cover. Repeat to add another filter. For a list of file types, see Reference: Supported file types for rule evaluation.
  5. Under Rule Patterns, add one or more rule patterns. Rules must contain at least one condition.
  6. Under Rule Actions, click Add to select the action to perform when all the conditions match. To add a label to files that match the conditions of the rule, select Tag the affected files, and select one or more labels.
  7. Click Save.