Tanium Console and Interact overview

Tanium Console

The Tanium™ Console is the graphical user interface that you use to manage Tanium™ Cloudthe Tanium™ Core Platform and to access Tanium™ modules (such as Tanium™ Interact) and Tanium™ shared services (such as Tanium™ Client Management). The Tanium Console is a web application that is installed with Tanium™ Cloudthe Tanium™ Server and does not require separate licensing. You use the Tanium Console to perform the following key tasks:

  • Import and use Use Tanium modules, shared services, and content-only solutions.
  • Manage content, including sensors, packages, saved questions, and filter groups.
  • Manage actions.
  • Manage role-based access control (RBAC) configurations for users, user groups, roles, computer groups, personas, and content sets.
  • Configure platform settings that affect the behavior of Tanium Cloud the Tanium Console, Tanium Server, Tanium™ Zone Server, Tanium™ Zone Server Hub, and Tanium™ Clients.

Tanium Interact

Use Tanium Interact to issue questions to managed endpoints, analyze their answers, and deploy actions to the endpoints based on the answers. Although it is licensed as part of the Tanium Core Platform, Interact is a Tanium module, so you can update it separately from the Tanium Console and the Tanium Server.

Additional Tanium deployment information

For information on deploying the Tanium Core Platform installing the Tanium Core Platform servers, see the guide that matches your platform:

For information about installing and using particular Tanium products, see the product-specific user guides at https://docs.tanium.com.