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Working with the Interact Home page

The Interact Home page is displayed when you navigate to the Interact module or when you click the Interact Home page link from within the module.

Role requirements

You must have the following permissions to see Interact Home page sections.

Section Permission
Ask Dynamic Question
Best Practices Ask Dynamic Question
Interact Content The summary counts displayed depend on Read Dashboard Group, Read Dashboard, and Read Saved Question permissions.
Favorite Categories Read Dashboard Group
Favorite Dashboards Read Dashboard
Favorite Saved Questions Read Saved Question

Manage Home page settings

You can hide/unhide or reorder home page sections. Click Manage Home Page to display the settings page.

You can hide a home page section by moving the mouse pointer to the upper right of the section and clicking the x.

Home page settings are stored in browser local storage, so they are not persistent across users, devices, or browsers.

Use favorites

Categories, dashboards, and saved questions you favorite appear on the home page. You can use them just as you would on the Interact Content page. For example, you can click a dashboard to open it and issue its saved questions.

The items you had favorited prior to upgrade to Interact 2.0 are added to the Interact Home page favorites sections upon upgrade. If you did not have favorites before you upgrade, or it is a new installation, all Interact Content for which you have read permission is favorited.

If you do not want them favorited, you can click the Favorites icon to toggle it off. Go to the Interact Content page to unfavorite/favorite all or any items.

Favorites are stored as a user setting on the Tanium Server. Your favorites selections do not affect other users.

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