Monitoring System Status

Go to the Administration > System Status page to see the real-time status of Tanium Client registration and communication.

You must be assigned a role with the Read System Status (Micro Admin) permission to see the System Status page and filter the table. Users assigned the Administrator reserved role have this permission.

Table 1:   System Status columns
Column Description
Host Name Computer hostname.
Network Location (from client) Client IP address returned from a sensor on the client.
Network Location (from server) Client IP address recorded on the server during the last registration.
Direction The circle represents the client, and arrows in relation to the circle represent connections:
  • Up arrow—Connection to the Tanium Server.
  • Right side—Inbound and outbound connections to forward peers.
  • Left side—Inbound and outbound connections to backward peers.

An X in the circle indicates a connection is blocked (probably by a firewall).

A dashed line indicates a slow link.

Valid Key No indicates a problem with the public key that has been installed with the Tanium Client. Redeploy the public key file or reinstall the Tanium Client.
Send State
  • Backward Only
  • Forward Only
  • None
  • Normal
Receive State
  • Next Only
  • Previous Only
  • None
  • Normal
  • Blocked
  • Leader
  • Normal
  • Slow Link
Last Registration Timestamp of the last time the Tanium Client registered with the server.
Protocol Version Tanium protocol version. This column is hidden by default.
Version Tanium Client version.

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