Managing the Tanium license

Tanium as a Service automatically manages the Tanium™ license that enables the entitlements for your deployment. Contact Tanium Support to change the license.

The Tanium™ license file (tanium.license) enables the entitlements for your deployment. These entitlements include the license validity period, maximum number of managed endpoints, available Tanium solutions (such as modules), and IP addresses or fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) used to access the Tanium Console. Select Administration > Configuration > Tanium License to open the page that displays the entitlements and other information about the current license. Use the Tanium License page to apply a new license if the current one expires soon or your entitlements change.

The Administrator reserved role is required to manage the Tanium license.

  1. Contact Tanium Support to obtain a new license. You must provide the FQDNs or IP addresses of the physical or virtual devices that host your Tanium Servers.
  2. Copy the new license to a location that is accessible from the system that you use to access the Tanium Console.
  3. (Optional) Back up the current license. The steps depend on the infrastructure of your Tanium Core Platform:
    • Windows: Go to the Tanium Server installation folder (default is \Program Files\Tanium\Tanium Server) and rename the current Tanium license.

      Include the current date in the file name (such as tanium.license_2019-07-30) in case you repeat this procedure at a later date.

    • Tanium Appliance: To run an automatic or manual backup, see Tanium Appliance Deployment Guide: Appliance Maintenance menu.
  4. From the Main menu, go to Administration > Configuration > Tanium License.
  5. Click Upload, select the new license file, click Open, and click Yes.

    The Tanium Server automatically activates the new license after a few minutes.

    For more details and tasks related to the Tanium license, see the KB article: Managing Tanium licenses.