Configuring the Tanium Core Platform

After you install the Tanium Core Platform, you can use the Tanium Console to configure the following settings that affect Tanium Console, Tanium Server, and Tanium Client behavior:

  • Global settings, which you typically do not modify unless your Technical Account Manager directs you
  • Whitelisted URLs for Tanium Client download requests
  • Proxy server settings, if your deployment uses a proxy server
  • Separated and isolated subnets for Tanium Clients
  • Bandwidth throttling for data sent to Tanium Clients
  • Answer strings (question results) storage on the Tanium Server

For the user roles and permissions required to configure these settings, see Tanium Core Platform configuration permissions.

To configure Tanium Core Platform settings that are not exposed in the Tanium Console, see the appropriate guide for your deployment:

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