Example: Saved questions with associated packages

A saved question configuration can include optional associated packages, which are a recommendation from the question creator about the best packages to deploy when acting on results. An associated package is just a recommendation. Tanium CloudThe Tanium Server does not deploy it automatically and users can select any other package. Add associated packages to create workflow associations, especially when another person might use the saved question that you create as a tool to detect and remediate error states.

For details on the permissions required to manage associated packages, see Manage saved questions.

When you create or edit a saved question (see Managing saved questions), use the Associated Packages section to add a package. The following example shows packages that are added to the Tanium-provided saved question Has Tanium Standard Utilities.

Figure  1:  Adding a package to a saved question

When you issue the question, it checks the Tanium Client installation directory for the existence of utilities that Tanium questions or actions rely on, and it returns Yes, No, or the names of missing files.

Figure  2:  Has Tanium Standard Utilities (click image to enlarge)

When you click Deploy Action, the Action Deployment page automatically populates the Deployment Package with the first associated package that you added to the saved question configuration. All the packages that you added appear at the top of the Deployment Package dropdown list.

Figure  3:  Associated package is preselected