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Example: Saved questions with associated actions

A saved question configuration can include an optional "associated action," which is a recommendation from the author about the best package to deploy when acting on results. An associated action is just a default selection. It is not deployed automatically, and an alternative can be selected in place of the default selection.

Add Associated Actions to create workflow associations, especially when another person might use the saved question you are creating as a tool to detect and remediate status.

Has Tanium Standard Utilities is a saved question included in the Initial Content pack. It checks the Taniumâ„¢ Client installation directory for the existence of utilities that Tanium questions or actions rely on, and it returns Yes, No, or the names of missing files.

Figure  1:  Has Tanium Standard Utilities

When you click Deploy Action, the associated package is preselected. In this example, the package Distribute Tanium Standard Utilities is preselected.

Figure  2:  Associated package is preselected

When you configure the saved question, use the Associated Actions section to add a package.

Figure  3:  Adding a package to a saved question

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