Uninstalling Tanium

Uninstall the Tanium Core Platform

If you no longer want to use the Tanium Core Platform, or you want to clean up completely before reinstalling:

  1. Uninstall the Tanium Core Platform servers: Tanium Server, Tanium Module Server, Tanium Zone Server, and Tanium Zone Server Hub. The order in which you uninstall the servers does not matter.
  2. Remove the Tanium databases (tanium and tanium_archive) from the database server.

Uninstall a Tanium Core Platform server

  1. Use the Windows Control Panel Uninstall a program feature to uninstall a Tanium Core Platform server.

    The Windows program invokes the Tanium uninstaller, which stops and removes the Tanium service associated with the server and deletes Windows Registry entries (except the top entry for Tanium). Completely wiping the installation requires the following manual tasks that the installer does not perform.

  2. In the Windows Registry, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ and delete Tanium.
  3. In Windows Explorer, go to the Tanium installation location and delete the Tanium directory.
  4. Empty the Windows Recycle Bin.

Remove Tanium databases

Log into the database server as a database administrator and delete the tanium and tanium.archive databases.

Uninstall a Tanium solution module or Tanium Client

For information about uninstalling a Tanium solution module or Tanium Client, refer to the corresponding user guide.

Solution module Uninstall link
Tanium™ Asset User Guide
Tanium™ Client
Tanium™ Comply TBD
Tanium™ Connect User Guide
Tanium™ Deploy User Guide
Tanium™ Detect User Guide
Tanium™ Discover User Guide
Tanium™ Health Check User Guide
Tanium™ Incident Response N/A
Tanium™ Integrity Monitor User Guide
Tanium™ Interact User Guide
Tanium™ Map User Guide
Tanium™ Network Quarantine User Guide
Tanium™ Patch User Guide
Tanium™ Protect User Guide
Tanium™ Reveal User Guide
Tanium™ Threat Response User Guide
Tanium™ Trace User Guide
Tanium™ Trends User Guide

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