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    This guide describes requirements and procedures for installing the following Tanium™ Core Platform servers on customer-provided Windows infrastructure.

    For the requirements and procedures to deploy the Tanium™ Appliance in the role of a Tanium Core Platform server, see the Tanium Appliance Installation Guide.

  • Tanium™ Server

    The core platform server that communicates with clients. The Tanium Server runs the Tanium™ Console and API services and communicates with all other platform and solution components, as well as the content.tanium.com servers that host Tanium content packs and Tanium solution import packages.

  • Tanium™ Module Server

    A server to run application services and store files for Tanium solution modules. In production deployments, it is installed on a dedicated host machine to prevent intentional or accidental scripts from having a direct impact on the Tanium Server.

  • Tanium™ Zone Server

    A server typically deployed in an enterprise DMZ network to proxy traffic between Tanium™ Clients that reside on limited-access networks and a Tanium Server that resides on the trusted core network.

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