Proxy server settings

Tanium as a Service deployments include a customer-specific proxy server that allows the destinations that are required for Tanium modules to work. To request additional allowed entries, consult your Technical Account Manager (TAM).

Some organizations use proxy servers for traffic between internal servers and the Internet. If your organization uses proxies and its security policy does not allow Tanium Core Platform servers to access Internet locations directly, you can configure access through the proxies. The Tanium Server connects to the Internet to download content updates from Tanium and to download necessary files from other trusted suppliers. The Tanium Module Server connects to the Internet to download module software updates from Tanium. Individual Tanium modules might also have requirements to access the Internet.

The Tanium Server and Module Server use a utility called Tanium Downloader (TDownloader) to securely download files. To configure access through proxies, you configure the TDownloader settings on both servers.

For a list of sites that Tanium Core Platform servers access, see Internet URLs required.

A destination server might have its own requirements, such as certificate authentication or user authentication. For information about configuring advanced options for these requirements, see Tanium Support KB: TDownloader.

Figure  1:  Tanium deployment with proxy server