Internet URLs required

During installation and ongoing operations, the Tanium Server Tanium as a Service (TaaS) and the web browser used to access the Tanium Console must be able to connect to to import updates to Tanium Core Platform components and modules.

TaaS The Tanium Server might need to connect to additional locations, based on the components you import. Table 1 lists URLs that TaaSthe Tanium Server accesses. Tanium™ solution modules may have additional requirements. For details on module requirements, refer to the requirements topic in the module user guide.

Table 1:   Internet URLs that TaaSthe Tanium Server accesses
Import type Components URLs
Any Any

(Both TaaSthe Tanium Server and the browser used to access the Tanium Console must connect to these URLs.)

http://* (Module imports fails if the Certificate Revocation List is blocked or inaccessible.)

Content Managed Applications (login required)

Tanium™ Patch module See Tanium Patch User Guide: Internet URLs.

If your enterprise network uses SSL intercept technologies, such as man-in-the-middle (MITM) proxies, you must configure them so that they do not prevent TaaSthe Tanium Server and Tanium Module Server from downloading files from these locations.

If your enterprise security policy does not allow TaaSthe Tanium Server to access these locations directly, consult your Technical Account Manager (TAM) you can use proxy servers. See Proxy server settings.