Platform Deployment Reference

Manage deployment settings and review related information for Tanium Core Platform servers and Tanium Clients

Review requirements and deployment information for TaaS and Tanium Clients

Configure access to the Tanium Core Platform
Learn about Tanium Core Platform requirements and deployment information
  • Overview

    Understand the deployment options for Tanium Core Platform servers

  • Client OS product support

    Review the operating systems that Tanium solutions support for performing operations on managed endpoints

  • Host system security exclusions

    Review the Tanium Client folders and processes to exclude from security software

  • Tanium network ports

    Review the network port requirements for Tanium Core Platform servers and Tanium Clients

  • Internet URLs

    Review the Internet URLs that TaaSthe Tanium Server and Tanium solutions must access

  • Command-line interface (CLI)

    Review CLI commands and examples for configuring Tanium Core Platform servers

  • Logs

    Review logs for monitoring and troubleshooting Tanium Core Platform servers

  • Export Commodity Classification

    Review the Export Control Classification Numbers for Tanium products

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