Platform Deployment Reference

Manage deployment settings and review related information for Tanium™ Core Platform servers and Tanium™ Clients

Review requirements and deployment information for Tanium™ Cloud and Tanium™ Clients

Configure access to the Tanium Core Platform
Learn about Tanium Core Platform requirements and deployment information
  • Overview

    Understand the deployment options for Tanium Core Platform servers

  • Client OS product support

    Review the operating systems that Tanium solutions support for performing operations on managed endpoints

  • Host system security exclusions

    Review the Tanium Client folders and processes to exclude from security software

  • Tanium network ports

    Review the network port requirements for Tanium Core Platform servers and Tanium Clients

  • Internet URLs

    Review the Internet URLs that Tanium Cloudthe Tanium Server and Tanium solutions must access

  • Command-line interface (CLI)

    Review CLI commands and examples for configuring Tanium Core Platform servers

  • Logs

    Review logs for monitoring and troubleshooting Tanium Core Platform servers

  • Export Commodity Classification

    Review the Export Control Classification Numbers for Tanium products

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