Tanium Solutions

Product Name Product Description
Tanium Core X1 Tanium Core X1 tier gives IT Operations and Security teams access to real-time and accurate data - empowering them to bring all the activities related to managing their IT risk into one platform, with one single source of truth, and with only one agent. The Core Platform comes with the fundamental functionality of gaining visibility of your IT estate, the ability to track and manage risk over time, and report on that risk to stakeholders in an easy-to-understand view.
Tanium Core X2 Tanium Core X2 tier gives users all of the capabilities of Core X1, plus the ability to build a comprehensive Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) at runtime and enforce computer policy configurations across their organization. Administrators are then further empowered to see and control their environment from a single platform and single console.
Tanium Core X3 Tanium Core X3 tier gives users the ability to build upon Core X2 capabilities by automatically tracking and analyzing the integrity of digital certificates across their environment. Administrators can then help mitigate risk and stop IT outages from lost and expiring certificates.
Tanium Endpoint Management Solution Tanium Endpoint Management solution is designed to provide cross platform lifecycle management from a single console by providing visibility and control over endpoint assets whether on premises or in the cloud. The solution begins with provisioning new endpoints and continues through the lifecycle of patch management and third-party software deployments to give administrators the ability to see, control, and remediate in real time.
Tanium Risk & Compliance Solution Tanium Risk & Compliance solution offers an instant and comprehensive overview of your organization's risk status across all endpoints. IT allows CISOs and their teams to effectively manage risk at scale from large global environments to regional entities. Tanium collects real-time risk data from millions of assets and unifies risk assessment and remediation in a single platform.
Tanium Incident Response Solution The Tanium Incident Response solution provides organizations the ability to take them from the moment of incident detection to complete remediation all within a single integrated tool. This solution augments and extends the capabilities of your primary SIEM and EDR tools.
Tanium Digital Employee Experience Solution Tanium Digital Employee Experience (DEX) capabilities enable IT to deliver improved digital work experiences. It helps maximize employee productivity and satisfaction by enabling IT to monitor and maintain healthy and performant work experiences using automated self-service workflows. Additionally, it helps IT take actions to improve the work experience using a bi-directional feedback loop that enables them to measure employee sentiment and satisfaction over time.
Tanium Standard Solution Tanium Standard provides visibility and control across the endpoint estate through a single pane of glass. Tanium Standard enables proactive risk mitigation and measurement of progress internally and against industry peers.
Tanium Professional Solution In addition to capabilities included with Standard tier, Tanium Professional enables management and enforcement of policies, as well as endpoint lifecycle management. Tanium Professional also helps to improve operational efficiency, mitigate software supply chain risks, and provide an optimal digital end-user experience.
Tanium Enterprise Solution In addition to capabilities included with the Professional tier, Tanium Enterprise includes real-time investigation and remediation tools that compliment and enhances other endpoint security and operational tools. Tanium Enterprise enables tracking and protection of sensitive data within the environment while providing intelligent automated responses to findings.

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