Troubleshooting Map

To collect and send information to Tanium for troubleshooting, collect logs and other relevant information.

Collect logs

You can save a Map troubleshooting package as a compressed ZIP file.

  1. From the Map home page, click Help , then the Troubleshooting tab.
  2. Click Collect.
  3. When the status shows as Collected, click Download . A map-support.[timestamp].zip file downloads to the local download directory.
  4. Attach the ZIP file to your Tanium Support case form or send it to your TAM.

Tanium Map maintains logging information in the Map.log file in the \Program Files\Tanium\Tanium Module Server\services\Map directory.

View health of Map components

On the Map home page, scroll to the Health section. Click Interact to view more specific information. Consider contacting your TAM if any of the health status reports display a bad state for more than a day.

Change size of endpoint database

By default, the endpoint database maximum size is 1 GB. To change the maximum size, go to the Map home page and click Settings . Update the Max Endpoint Database Size.

Problem: Map data is not showing up

From the map, click Interact to view the results of the question that was used to generate the map. Click Refresh Data to update the data that is showing in the map if necessary.

Uninstall Map

  1. From the Main menu, click Tanium Solutions.
  2. Under Map, click Uninstall. Click Proceed with Uninstall to complete the process.

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