Map requirements

Review the requirements before you install and use Map.

Tanium dependencies

In addition to a license for the Map product module, make sure that your environment also meets the following requirements.

Component Requirement
Tanium™ Core Platform
  • 7.2.314.2831 or later
  • 7.3.314.3420 or later

  • or later
Tanium™ Client

For more information about specific Tanium Client versions, see Tanium Client Deployment Guide: Client host system requirements.

One of the following 7.2 Tanium Client versions is required as a minimum:

  • 7.2.314.3476 and later with the exception of 7.2.314.3518 (Linux, MacOS*, Windows)
  • 7.2.314.3608 (MacOS 10.15.x and later)

* = MacOS earlier than 10.15.x Catalina and later clients are supported on Map 2.0.1 and later.

If you use a client version that is not listed, certain product features might not be available, or stability issues can occur that can only be resolved by upgrading to one of the listed client versions.

Tanium™ Module Server

Map is installed and runs as a service on the Module Server host computer. The impact on the Module Server is minimal and depends on usage.


Supported operating systems

The following endpoint operating systems are supported with Map. Map uses the Tanium™ Client Recorder Extension to gather data from endpoints.

Operating System Version
  • Windows 7 or later
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
  • Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are not supported
macOS Same as Tanium Client support. See Tanium Client User Guide: Host system requirements.

Same as Tanium Client support. See Tanium Client User Guide: Host system requirements.

For Linux endpoints:

  • Install the most recent stable version of the audit daemon and audispd-plugins. For information on deprecated parameters in the audit daemon configuration, see Tanium Client Recorder Extension User Guide. See the specific operating system documentation for instructions.
  • Be aware that when using immutable "-e 2" mode, the recorder adds Tanium audit rules in front of the immutable flag. When using the -e 2 flag on Linux, the endpoint must be restarted after the recorder is enabled.
  • Be aware that when using the failure "-f 2" mode, the Linux kernel panics in the event that auditd message is lost. The recorder does not add audit rules if this configuration is detected.

Disk space requirements

Up to 1 GB of free disk space might be required for the Map database.

Host and network security requirements

Specific processes are needed to run Map on the Tanium Module Server and endpoints.

Security exclusions

If security software is in use in the environment to monitor and block unknown host system processes, your security administrator must create exclusions to allow the Tanium processes to run without interference.

Table 1:   Map security exclusions
Target Device Notes Process
Module Server   <Tanium Module Server>\services\map-service\node.exe
Windows endpoints 7.2.x clients <Tanium Client>\Python27\TPython.exe
7.4.x clients <Tanium Client>\Python38\TPython.exe
7.4.x clients <Tanium Client>\Python38\*.dll
  <Tanium Client>\TaniumCX.exe
 Linux endpoints 7.2.x clients <Tanium Client>/python27/bin/pybin
7.4.x clients

<Tanium Client>/python38/python

  <Tanium Client>/Tools/Trace/recorder
  <Tanium Client>/TaniumCX
macOS endpoints   <Tanium Client>/Tools/Trace/TaniumRecorder
  <Tanium Client>/TaniumCX

User role requirements

Table 2:   Map user role permissions
Privilege Map Administrator Map User Map Read Only User

Map Module Read

Read access to the Map module, including viewing maps and application definitions

Map Module Write

Write access to the Map module, including the creation and editing of maps and application definitions

Map Settings Write

Write access to global settings in the Map module

Map Application Read

Read access to application definition




Map Application Write

Write access to application definition



Map Map Read

Read access to maps and map definitions




Map Map Write

Write access to maps and map definitions



1 Denotes a provided permission.