Investigate overview

With Investigate, you can identify the root cause of issues that arise on Tanium-managed endpoints and arrive at resolutions to issues more quickly.


Investigations enable you to correlate performance events and activities that came from one or multiple hosts. Add activities that have forensic value to investigations to triage issues more quickly and add notes and comments about these data points and the conditions in which they occur for team collaboration.

For more information, see Creating Investigations.

Performance and activity history

Quickly view and analyze the performance history and review the event history on a single endpoint. Understand the time line of system-impacting events such as patch installations or policy changes, and historical process and performance data.

For more information see Investigating performance and activity history on an endpoint.

Interoperability with other Tanium products

Investigate works with other Tanium products to provide additional features and reporting.

Taniumâ„¢ Reporting

If you have Tanium Reporting 1.28.48 or later, Investigate uses Reporting to create the charts on the Investigate Overview page. Reporting is required to see certain tabs and the File Browser on the Endpoint Details page. For more information, see Tanium Reporting.