Installing Interact

If your Tanium license is in the Tanium Server installation directory when you first open the Tanium Console, the server installs Interact automatically. Otherwise, you can install Interact from the Tanium Solutions page in the same way you install other Tanium solution modules.

Each module has a workbench, which is the user interface that you use to perform module operations. The installation process for each module writes its workbench configuration to files on the Tanium Server host. In a high availability (HA) deployment, you must import the module on all Tanium Servers in the HA cluster for the workbench to be available in all Tanium Console instances. However, solution content (such as saved questions and packages) is written to the shared database, so it is available to all console instances after you import it on any Tanium Server.

Before you begin

  • You must have the Administrator reserved role to import or uninstall solution modules, including Interact.
  • Read the release notes.

Import or upgrade Interact

To import or upgrade Interact, see Tanium Console User Guide: Manage Tanium modules.