Getting started with Interact

Perform the following tasks to set up and use Interact:

  1. Review the system, network, security, and user role requirements: see Requirements.
  2. Install Interact if it is not already installed, or upgrade to the latest version: see Tanium Console User Guide: Manage Tanium modules. If your Tanium license is in the Tanium Server installation directory when you first open the Tanium Console, the server installs Interact automatically.
  3. (Optional) Customize the Interact Home page. For details, see Customize Tanium module home pages.
  4. Issue dynamic questions to retrieve information about the endpoints in your network: see Asking questions .
  5. Analyze and manage question results. For example, you can drill down into the question results with additional questions, filter the Question Results grid, and export its content. For details, see Managing question results.
  6. Deploy ad-hoc actions or schedule recurring actions based on question results: see Deploying actions.
  7. Manage saved questions. For example, you can create saved questions, assign them to dashboards, assign the dashboards to categories, and assign saved questions to content sets based on RBAC requirements. For details, see Managing saved questions.