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Working with categories

In Tanium™ Interact, a category is an organized group of dashboards. You use categories to quickly locate and use sets of saved questions. You can manage the set of dashboards contained in the category, and you can apply user group permissions.

A set of categories is created when the Initial Content is imported during the Tanium™ Server installation. Additional categories may be created when you import additional Tanium™ content packs and Tanium™ solution modules, and you can create categories that are meaningful to you.

To display the categories page, click Categories from the Interact home page.

Figure  1:  Categories page

You must be assigned a role with the Write Dashboard Group permission to create, modify, or delete category configurations. The dashboards available are determined by Read Dashboard content set permissions. Users assigned the Administrator or Content Administrator reserved roles have these permissions.

Manage categories

Use the tools shown in the following figure to manage a category configuration object.

Figure  2:  Categories page tools

When a new dashboard is created, it is added to a category named Other Dashboards. Only a user with the Administrator or Content Administrator role can move a dashboard from Other Dashboards to another category.

Issue saved questions from a category

Use the expander button to show the dashboards within the category and the saved questions within the dashboard. When you click one of the category's dashboards, Interact issues the saved questions contained in it. The page navigation uses a hierarchy: (1) category (2) dashboard (3) saved question. You can click a saved question to display its results grid.

Figure  3:  Category > dashboard > saved questions list

Create a category

  1. Click New Category.
  2. Specify a name, content set, and visibility option and click Add.

    The category is added to the page.

  3. Click Add Dashboard to display the Add available Dashboards to Category selection box. The items are populated from dashboards for which you have read permission.
  4. Select dashboards and click Add.

Reorder categories

  1. Click the More button in the upper right corner and select Reorder.
  2. Interact displays the Reorder Categories dialog box.

  3. Move the categories into your preferred order.

Use favorites

Click the Favorites icon to add the category to your Favorites list. Favorites are saved as a user setting. Your favorites selections do not affect other users.

Export the categories configuration

  1. Click the More button in the upper right corner and select Export.
  2. Interact displays the Select Categories to Export dialog box.

  3. Select the configurations you want to export and click Export.

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