Installing Client Index Extension on endpoints

Index is installed by a Tanium solution and serves the primary purpose of indexing files on endpoints.

Tanium modules that install Client Index Extension include:

  • Tanium Threat Response versions 3.4 and later
  • Tanium Reveal versions 1.15 and later

The following list details configuration files and software that is installed on endpoints for the modules that use Index.

/opt/Tanium/TaniumClient/extensions/ (Linux)
/Library/Tanium/TaniumClient/extensions/libTaniumIndex.dylib (macOS)
C:\Program Files(x86)\Tanium\Tanium Client\extensions\TaniumIndex.dll (Windows)

The Index process.

/opt/Tanium/TaniumClient/extensions/ (Linux)
/Library/Tanium/TaniumClient/extensions/libTaniumIndex.dylib.sig (macOS)
C:\Program Files(x86)\Tanium\Tanium Client\extensions\TaniumIndex.dll.sig (Windows)

A signature file that you can use to verify that the contents of the SO, DYLIB, or DLL file is authentic and have not been tampered with.

/opt/Tanium/TaniumClient/extensions/index/index.db (Linux)
/Library/Tanium/TaniumClient/extensions/index/index.db (macOS)
C:\Program Files(x86)\Tanium\Tanium Client\extensions\index\index.db (Windows)

The database that Index creates. It contains file details.

/opt/Tanium/TaniumClient/extensions/index/index.db-shm (Linux)
/Library/Tanium/TaniumClient/extensions/index/index.db-shm (macOS)
C:\Program Files(x86)\Tanium\Tanium Client\extensions\index\index.db-shm (Windows)

A shared memory file. Database connections that share the same db file must update the same memory location to prevent conflicts.

/opt/Tanium/TaniumClient/extensions/index/index.db-wal (Linux)
/Library/Tanium/TaniumClient/extensions/index/index.db-wal (macOS)
C:\Program Files(x86)\Tanium\Tanium Client\extensions\index\index.db-wal (Windows)

A write journal that is useful for commits and database rollback purposes.

C:\Program Files(x86)\Tanium\Tanium Client\extensions\index\magic.mgc

A binary file that contains patterns to be tested for, what message or MIME type to print if a particular pattern is found, and additional information to extract from the file.

Starting and stopping Index

You might need to manually start or stop Index. For example, when troubleshooting you must resolve the underlying issue first and then manually restart Index. Or, if you find that Index is using more system resources than expected, you can stop Index and troubleshoot the issue with the risk of additional resource consumption.

In the event of a troubleshooting situation contact Tanium Support for help. To contact Tanium Support, sign in to