Health Check overview

With Health Check, you can automate the collection of Tanium Platform Analyzer (TPAN) reports on a configurable schedule. TPAN reports can help you get a comprehensive view of the issues, risks, and performance of your Tanium environment. You can also download reports locally to share with Tanium. Regularly collecting and sharing these reports can help Tanium provide you with the best support.

If you enable automatic collection of TPAN reports, you can also configure the collection schedule. Health Check uses the HTTPS protocol with shared key authentication to send sanitized TPAN reports to Tanium. If you enable automatic sharing of sanitized TPAN reports with Tanium, Health Check uses a push-based mechanism by contacting Tanium over HTTPS and receiving an expiring URL to a write-only file destination that is specific to the server deployment and account, where it sends the sanitized payload. For more information about the contents of a sanitized payload, see Reference: Sample sanitized report.