Feed overview

Tanium delivers notifications directly to users through Tanium Feed. Feed adds a slide-out notification panel to the Tanium Console where you can view notifications from any page.


Each user on the Tanium Console receives notifications, and users manage their own notifications.

Notification types

The following types of notifications appear in Feed:

  • General: Tanium Core Platform updates, new solutions and functionality, and messages that impact multiple solutions.
  • Emerging Issues: Tanium Community articles that describe emerging security issues.
  • News: News from Tanium, which includes best practices, industry topics, and more.
  • <Product Notification>: Messages generated from a Tanium solution, such as Tanium™ Asset or Tanium™ Patch. The icon that appears matches the solution.

Notification category and priority

Each notification color-codes the notification category with the priority of the notification.

Priority levels include:

  • Critical
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low