Troubleshooting Engage

If Engage is not performing as expected, you might need to troubleshoot issues or change settings.

Collect logs

Collect troubleshooting package for Engage

The information is saved as a ZIP file that you can download with your browser.

  1. From the Engage Home page, click Help , then the Troubleshooting tab.
  2. Click Download Support Bundle.
    A tanium-Engage-support.[number].zip file downloads to the local download directory.
  3. Contact Tanium Support to determine the best option to send the ZIP file. For more information, see Contact Tanium Support.

Tanium Engage maintains logging information in the Engage.log file in the \Program Files\Tanium\Tanium Module Server\services\Engage directory.

Collect troubleshooting information from endpoints

You can use Client Management to directly connect to an endpoint and collect a bundle of logs and other artifacts, sometimes referred to as an Endpoint Must Gather (EMG).

  1. From the Main menu, click Shared Services > Client Management.

  2. From the Client Management menu, click Client Health.

  3. In the Direct Connect search box, enter all or part of an IP address or a computer name.

    Matching results are displayed after the search completes.

  4. From the search results, click the computer name to connect to the endpoint.
  5. Click the Gather tab. In the Domain section, select the category or Tanium Solution for which you want to gather troubleshooting information.

  6. Click Gather from Endpoint.

    The selected logs and artifacts are gathered from the endpoint. The package appears in the Must Gathers section, and the name of the package corresponds with its time stamp.

  7. When Finished appears in the Run State column, select the package and click Download to download a ZIP file that contains the troubleshooting information.

Contact Tanium Support

To contact Tanium Support for help, sign in to